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10 Reasons Why Euphoria Natural Health Should Be Your Integrative Medical Clinic in Squamish BC

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Euphoria is an integrative team of four local Squamish naturopathic doctors and an excellent clinical service group who each excel in different areas, have unique clinical focuses and, as a team, offer the full scope of naturopathic treatments.

There is no longer any need to drive to the city to receive excellent, cutting-edge naturopathic services!

We’ve been open for two years now, and we have made several additions with the intention of continually improving our services and fulfilling our commitment to being the very best resource for natural health care in Squamish.

Below, we’ve listed 10 reasons why we think Euphoria Natural Health could (and should!) be your Squamish Naturopathic Clinic:

1. We offer only the highest quality products in every department

Our highly educated staff has thoroughly investigated products from supplements to herbs, body care and cosmetics to provide our customers with the best possible products in their respective class. By doing this, we know that our customers will be happy with any product they pick up from the dispensary. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to!

Our product selection is unmatched. We sell only professionally formulated nutrient supplements. This selection grows continually as our naturopathic doctors see a wider array of medical conditions.

No supplements make it on our shelves until they’ve been heavily scrutinized by our naturopathic doctors.

And, best of all, if there is a professional-grade product that you want, that we don’t already carry, we can get it in for you! Click here to browse our products. You may either come to our store or shop online.

2. Our team of practitioners at the Euphoria Naturopathic Clinic are exceptional

We wanted to create a truly integrated clinic offering cutting-edge therapies, so we found brilliant, motivated and passionate practitioners with a range of clinical experience. We treat a very broad range of medical conditions, so regardless of your concern, we have an experienced practitioner for you to work with. Our team includes four naturopathic doctors, from which we count with an acupuncturist. The team also includes a functional medicine doctor, chiropractor, and a physiotherapist. Learn about each of our practitioners by clicking here.

When you call or visit Euphoria, our clinic staff can help direct you to the right practitioner for your needs, or you can simply book a 15-minute meet and greet online with the practitioner of your choice, right now!

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