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What is Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is known for its ability to enhance cellular function, bolster the body’s immune response, and curb inflammation. Whether you’re searching for a holistic approach to managing your health, dealing with a chronic condition, or proactive in maintaining your health, our Ozone Therapy services can play a vital role in your wellness journey.

Are you a first time patient with us?

If this is your first time with us Your Ozone Therapy session at Euphoria Natural Health Clinic, commences with consultation with one of our experienced naturopathic doctors, Dr Jessa Shamess or Dr Landon McLean. This will include a blood draw and a Intra r blood test to ensure the safe administering of Ozone into your bloodstream.

We’ll delve into your medical history, wellness objectives, and the specific health issues you wish to address.

Upon establishing a clear understanding of your needs, the treatment will proceed with the administration of a mixture of oxygen and ozone into the body. This can be done via IV injections, prolozone injections for joint regeneration or insufflation, depending on your unique health needs and the specific treatment protocol developed by your naturopathic doctor.

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