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  • Mental Health: Anxiety, Stress, Burnout, Depression

  • Illness management

  • Trauma and Addiction

  • Awareness

  • Modalities: Compassionate Inquiry (CI), embodiment practices, somatic healing, trauma-informed


  • B.Sc. in Psychology (Behavioural Neuroscience Option), Concordia University

  • M.Sc. in Psychiatry, McGill University

  • Mindfulness- based Group Therapy, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University of Toronto

  • Trained in Compassionate Inquiry (CI)

  • Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening


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    Systematic Review.
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  • Patient and Clinician Assessments of
    Symptomatology Changes on Older Adults
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Angela is a certified Mental Health Practitioner residing in Vancouver, Canada. She was born in Colombia and completed her studies in Montreal, where she resided for 14 years before moving to BC. She holds a B.Sc. in Psychology and a M.Sc. in Psychiatry Research. Furthermore, she has nine years of experience in clinical research, working in geriatric psychiatry and mind-body interventions. Her passion for mindfulness and compassionate-based approaches lead her to discover Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC), in which she worked along Dr. Kristin Neff at the graduate level. She then transitioned from a career in clinical research to psychotherapy, graduating from Compassionate Inquiry (CI) with Dr. Gabor Maté. Angela is also a graduate of Eckhart Tolle's School of Awakening and bases her personal practices on the teaching of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). She is a professional member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

Angela's journey has been touched by both physical and mental illness. Because of her personal experience, she strongly believes that every human being deserves to feel connected with compassion and understanding. She holds an exceptional capacity as an attentive listener and roots her work in creating and sustaining safety and trust. She believes we all have the ability to heal if we truly commit to trusting the process, and experiencing growth by our innate capacity to work on ourselves in a compassionate manner.

Her search for different healing modalities leads her to bridge science and spirituality, recognizing the importance of attending to our bodily needs to optimize health while deepening into the power of the mind to discover the origins of trauma. She describes: "Our unconscious  beliefs and conditioned patterns guide our behaviours. Until we awake to the unconscious, through awareness and compassion, we cannot pursue living a life with purpose and true freedom".

Therapeutic modality:

Angela's goal is to support your journey to living a healthier, harmonious, and joyful life through awareness and compassion. In a session with her, you will explore a situation which is causing distress in your life. She will guide you through a somatic exploration of bodily sensations and emotions, and conduct an inquiry. The session's objective is to unravel limiting beliefs that block the experience of truth behind the situation and allow the healing to take place. She creates and sustains safety and trust throughout the session, guiding you to find assertive action, and promoting healing and well-being.


She recommends having four sessions to ensure continuous support. With her background in clinical research, Angela believes in the power of the body to heal if complemented with natural medicine and mind-body practices. She highly recommends complementing this therapeutic modality with other services offered at Euphoria Natural Health.

Approach her for a 15-minute complimentary meet and greet if you want to learn more and find out if this modality is right for you.

Angela does not hold any provincially recognized designations and therefore her service would not qualify for insurance

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